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Natural delights crafted with passion and commitment

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Sourced from Nature


The most delicious nature’s ingredients like dried fruits, berries and nuts are enriched with the finest dark chocolate and rolled into the perfect size balls for the ultimate snacking experience! Made with natural ingredients and do not contain artificial flavours, artificial colours or preservatives.

Crafted in Finland

Made in Finland, our delicious Tryffelito’s® are created in small batches using the finest ingredients, gentle processing, expertise and outstanding passion to ensure the highest quality and superior taste.

Pure Indulgence


Get ready for the most delicious sensory experience. Sophisticated combinations, remarkable flavours, genuine taste and superior texture. Perfect for every occasion - with coffee, on-the-go, awesome pre- or post workout snack.

100% Plant based
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Sulphite free      Gluten free      Lactose free      Dairy free      Soy free


A delightful treat for all liquorice lovers! Crafted with finest ingredients - Sun-ripened dates, rich dark chocolate, delicate almond and genuine liquorice spiked with salmiak. Irresistibly delicious!

Tryffelito's Liquorice 
Net Wt 120 g


Elegant and timeless raw food balls with lovely colour and remarkable taste! Superior texture and wonderful balanced strawberry taste. Very delicious. An innovative combination with an exclusive feeling!

Tryffelito's Strawberry
Net Wt 120 g


Specially for genuine coffee lovers! The signature blend with a delicate coffee notes. Crafted with a simple ingredients - Delicious dates, finest dark chocolate, delicate hazelnuts, premium roasted coffee. They are made extra special with the addition of a cinnamon.

Tryffelito's Coffee Cinnamon
Net Wt 120 g


Super tasty raw food balls made of dates, dark chocolate and coconut. Few ingredients, wonderful taste and superior texture. Delicious and satisfying natural treat!

Tryffelito's Coconut
Net Wt 120 g


Extra delicious natural goodness! Gently roasted and chopped hazelnuts blended with sun-ripened dates and finest dark chocolate. Wonderfull  texture, remarkable aroma and taste. A luxurious treat that is impossible to resist!

Tryffelito's Roasted hazelnut
Net Wt 120 g

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